Paragon Innovation Summit 2.0

PG4031 (Food Formulation and Kemurgi) and TB4003 (Cosmetic Kemurgi Technology) lectures took part in the Paragon Innovation Summit 2.0 on 27-28 March 2021. Innovation concepts from students with the topic “Exploring Local Resources for Sustainability” will be presented in virtual booths. .

In addition to the concept of innovation, the Paragon Innovation Summit 2.0 also presents Innovation Talk, Innovation Circle, Innovation Showcasing, Innovation Mindset, Innovation Awards. There is also a Paragon Internship Program booth and recruitment which can be an opportunity for our students / alumni.

To enjoy virtual booth offerings and a series of other events, you only need to register your name and email address to the following link (the link for this virtual event will be sent via email):

(Registration is limited to 30,000 people only)


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