Vision and Missions


The undergraduate program in the Bioenergy and Chemistry Program was developed to participate in tackling national issues and preparing the nation to face global competition. The experts are not only competent in the field of technology, but also able to innovate in post-harvest system reform that is globally competitive, follow scientific developments in the international world, and are based on the vision, mission and noble ideals of ITB. In carrying out these functions and roles, the Program is based on the Vision and Mission as follows:

The Vision :

Becoming a Bioenergy and Chemistry Program that has a reputation and parallel with similar Programs in the Asia-Pacific and Europe and contributes to ITB in realizing its Vision to play a role in delivering Indonesian people into a united, sovereign and prosperous nation.

The Missions :

Prepare graduates who are able to become experts in the field of bioenergy in the future and play an active role in the group renewal process of bioenergy development systems locally and globally.