Graduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Able to identify, formulate, and construct solutions to complex bioenergy engineering problems by applying the principles of engineering science, and mathematics in processing bioenergy materials and designing bioenergy products, especially on an industrial scale.
  2. Able to apply engineering design to produce problem solutions as needed, taking into account aspects of public health, safety, and welfare, globally, culturally, socially, environmentally, and economically.
  3. Have the ability to communicate effectively with various groups.
  4. Uphold professionalism in the work performed, taking into account the impact of engineering solutions in the global, economic, environmental and solutions context.
  5. Have the ability to play an effective role in a team, can act as a leader, create a collaborative work atmosphere, set goals, plan, and achieve work targets.
  6. Able to design experiments, analyze, and interpret data, and use engineering assessment in drawing conclusions from experiments on engineering processes and bioenergy products.
  7. Have the ability and willingness to acquire and apply knowledge in the field of bioenergy engineering, especially for sources of Indonesian bioenergy materials.

      Guidelines for Quality Assurance for Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy: Pedoman Penjaminan Mutu TB