Community Service Program for the Utilization of Biogas in KPBS Pangalengan

Biogas is a promising and sustainable alternative energy source to reduce the use of fossil energy, especially in dairy farming centers. Biogas is the result of bacterial anaerobic activity in breaking down organic materials into methane. Every 1 m 3 biogas has a heating value equivalent to 0.46 kg of LPG gas. The reactor measuring 4 m 3 with 3-4 cows can meet the needs of biogas for 3 families. In addition to reducing expenditure on LPG gas, the use of cow dung into biogas also has a positive impact on reducing pollution in rivers.

The use of biogas in the 2019 Kemenristekdikti Community Service Program has been carried out in collaboration with KPBS Pangalengan. The program runs from April to November 2019. The location of the activity is in the farm owned by Mr. Adang Shalahuddin, Kampung Mekar Mulya RT 02 / RW 24, Margamulya, Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java. Manure from 10 cows is used to supply raw materials to the 4 m 3 biogas reactor. At present, the reactor has been actively operating and producing biogas for cooking activities in 5 households around cattle farms.

The socialization program that has been carried out on November 2, 2019 at KPBS Pangalengan is expected to increase the enthusiasm of cattle farmers at KPBS Pangalengan to install biogas reactors independently. In addition, this activity is expected to strengthen cooperation between the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Pangalengan KPBS in the use of appropriate technology. Follow up activities in the form of partner village program will be carried out in collaboration with the Bioenergy Engineering Student Association and ITB Kemurgi.

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