Scientific Oration by Professor of the Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB Prof. Danu Ariono

Bandung, Saturday, September 21, 2019, located at ITB West Hall, Jln. Ganesha No. 10, starting at 09:00 – 11:00 WIB, the Bandung Institute of Technology Professors Forum held a Professor ITB Scientific Oration.

On this occasion, Professor Danu Ariono from the FTI ITB Chemical Engineering Study Program, was given the opportunity to deliver his Scientific speech with the title: “Development of Functional Separation Technology”.

This scientific oration is an academic responsibility and commitment to the position as Professor. (the book Scientific Oration material can be seen here).

Quoted from Professor Danu Ariono’s Scientific Oration Book delivered in his introduction, the process of separation is an activity of separating one or several components that are in the mixture. The process of separation, is believed to have been known by humans hundreds of years BC. The process of crystallization, distillation, adsorption, absorption, and extraction. In the process of separation, crystallization is the oldest operating unit in the portfolio of separation techniques. This is understandable because the basic principle of this process is very simple, namely only heating or evaporation of the solution until crystallization occurs, but it can also go through the process of cooling the solution.

The event was attended by leaders and members of the ITB Professors Forum, FTI teaching staff especially from the Chemical Engineering Department, students, other invitees and families.

The event was closed with greetings, group photos and hospitality.

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