The ITB Biofuelab Team Holds Trials on the Application of Drop-In Vegetable Fuels in Farming Communities


Lembang, November 1 2023

The Biofuelab Team from the Biomass and Food Processing Technology Group, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology, held trial activities for the application of biofuels in farming communities. The team consisting of Prof. Dr. Ronny Purwadi, Dr. Meiti Pratiwi, and Dr. Astri Nur Istyami is collaborating with the Association of Farmer Groups (Gapoktan) in Pagerwangi Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency.

In the trial which was held on Wednesday, November 1 2023, biofuel in the form of gasoline derived from palm oil was mixed 10% with conventional gasoline. This mixed fuel was tested on a tractor in the farming community of Pagerwangi Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency.

“The tractor, which has been emptied of fuel, is filled with fuel mixed with 10% vegetable gasoline. “In this trial, the tractor was successfully started and ran well,” said Dr. Meiti Pratiwi, as team leader for community service activities, Implementation of Drop-In Vegetable Fuel in Farming Communities.

Drop-in biofuel is a biofuel that has similar characteristics to fossil fuels. Thus, this type of fuel can be used directly in conventional vehicle engines without requiring mixing with fuel or engine modifications.

“Since 2016, the ITB Biofuelab Team has started research and development of palm oil-based drop-in biofuel production technology through decarboxylation of metal soap. “This technology is quite practical to be applied in remote areas because it does not require high operating pressure,” said Prof. Dr. Ronny Purwadi.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ronny Purwadi, ITB Biofuelab Team has previously produced biofuels via the metal soap decarboxylation route on a laboratory scale and mini-pilot scale (20 kg of raw material/day). Biofuel prototypes have been produced for diesel engine fuel (cetane number 60) and gasoline engine fuel (octane number 85).

The gasoline prototype with a mixture of 10% vegetable gasoline, 10 liters, was submitted by Dr. Meiti Pratiwi to Tatang Hermawan as Chair of the Association of Farmer Groups (Gapoktan) in Pagerwangi Village, District. Lembang, Kab. West Bandung. This activity also serves as a means of socialization and education on the potential use of biofuels in farming communities.

“Gapoktan will use and evaluate this mixed fuel prototype, to provide input regarding product quality. “In this way, we can continue developing low-pressure biofuel production technology, which is feasible for application in remote areas,” said Dr. Astri Nur Istyami as a member of the ITB Biofuelab Team.


Documentation of the Trial activities for the Application of Drop-In Vegetable Fuels organized by the FTI ITB Biofuelab Team together with the Gapoktan of Pagerwangi Village, Kec. Lembang, Kab. West Bandung (1/11/23)

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