The definition of new energy is energy that is produced with new technology with renewable and non-renewable raw materials. Meanwhile, renewable energy is energy that comes from renewable raw materials. The journey of hydrogenated renewable fuel research started from 2011-2014 by making 1 PK 210 HBD generation catalysts, in 2015-2016 a second generation PK 220 HBD catalyst was developed. Then, in 2017-2018 a 200 IW PK isomerization catalyst was developed. In 2019 and 2020, co-processing and standalone trials were carried out.



The background of making biofuel starts from the availability of crude palm oil (CPO), the existence of environmentally friendly process technology, and the opportunities in the future. The general process of biofuel can be carried out by transesterification by reacting CPO with methanol to obtain biodiesel (FAME / Fatty Acid Methyl Ester). Another process is coprocessing by mixing fossil oil and vegetable oil. There is also a standalone process with the addition of hydrogen to produce biofuels.



The co-processing process was tested in 2014 at RU II Dumai, then in 2019 an LCGO was carried out. In 2023, there will be continuous production of green gasoline, green diesel and green avtur. The quality of the resulting co-processing products can achieve the required quality and also improve the quality by increasing the cetane number and decreasing the sulfur content. The standalone process is carried out by hydrodeoxygenation (HDO). The quality of the product obtained is better than the quality of the basic product with an increase in the sodium number and low sulfur content.



The flow of catalyst development is carried out by ideation then to formulation. The result of the formulation is characterized, if it does not match the desired character, the formulation is repeated. After obtaining the desired characteristics, the initial performance test is carried out in a micro reactor, if not get the desired performance reformulated. After obtaining the desired performance, it is developed in the pilot laboratory and continued with simulations. The process of making green diesel & green avtur can be done by partial hydrogenation of FAME and hydrogenation of total RBDPO.

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