Spread Test of Bioasphalt Based on Glycerine Pitch (GP) Waste at ITB Jatinangor Campus to Support Circular Economy in the Oleochemical Industry

Supporting the circular economy in the oleochemical industry, ITB conducted a bioasphalt test based on glycerine pitch waste at the Jatinangor Campus

The research team from the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) ITB carried out a spread test activity for bioasphalt based on glycerine pitch (GP) waste in the Jatinangor ITB Campus area on Wednesday (23/08/2023). This overlay test activity is an implementation of GP waste utilization research which has been funded by the Oil Palm Plantation Management Agency (BPDPKS) since 2020.

The research team chaired by Dr. Eng. Ir. Prof. B3. Before carrying out the patch test, the research team confirmed that there were no hazardous substances contained in the GP so that it was safe for application in the environment.

“Today we are carrying out a full stretch test of research on the use of glycerine pitch waste from the oleochemical industry. We use this waste as an extender or a partial replacement for oil asphalt for asphalt mixtures,” explained Dr. Atmy Verani Rouly Sihombing, a member of the research team who is also a teaching staff at the Bandung State Polytechnic.

The implementation of the overlay test was witnessed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Oleochemical Producers (APOLIN) Norman Fajar Wibowo representing the oleochemical industry and Dr. Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja and Prof. Dr. Udin Hasanudin representing the BPDPKS Research and Development Committee (Komlitbang).

“GP, which so far has been considered as B3 waste, we are trying to make use of it so that this material does not always have to be disposed of but can also be utilized and increased added value, especially from the results of the toxicology tests conducted, no substances harmful to the environment were found,” said Norman. .

On the same occasion, the previous chairman of APOLIN, Rapolo Hutabarat, who was also present, told the start of this research project.

“We, from the oleochemical industry, are in constant communication, especially with scientists, in this case ITB, to find the best solution so that this GP can be utilized as a product with high added value. We have pioneered this research proposal with ITB in 2019 and this research will begin in 2020,” he said.

Prof. Udin Hasanudin as the BPDPKS representative as the grantor of this research expressed his appreciation for the results of this research.

“This GP is waste from the oleochemical industry which has been categorized as B3 waste. alhamdulillah, the results of research in the laboratory have shown very positive results to be used as an asphalt mixture. Hopefully in the future this B3 waste can be put to good use. Even waste that originally had a negative value can become something that has high economic value,” he said.

In line with Udin, Dr. Tatang who is also a member of the BPDPKS Research and Development Committee appreciates the results that have been achieved.

“From a cursory observation the results will be good. Indeed later further tests will determine the extent of the quality. This is one way to use the leftover products from oleochemical factories into products that are more value-added,” said Tatang.

As the head of the research team, Jenny said that this research was not over. There is still a lot of homework to be done.

“Our job is still not finished. This overlay test is only a preliminary proof that this GP waste still has quite a large beneficial value. After this there is still a lot of further work until this research can really be widely implemented,” he said.

Jenny added that research still needs to be continued to look for even higher potential value benefits from this GP waste.

“Other uses of this GP are still being studied by us. Ultimately, we want to change the perception that GP is no longer seen as waste, but a resource that can still be utilized. Thus, a circular economy can be built in the Indonesian oleochemical industry,” he concluded.


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