Factory Safety Guest Lecture by Teguh Cahyono, S. T., M. Sc.

The safety of a bioenergy and chemurgy factory is an important aspect that must be possessed by bioenergy engineering and chemurgy students. For this reason, information from practitioners and experts who have directly involved in factory safety is urgently needed. In the TB4105 lecture on Bioenergy and Chemurgy Factory Safety on October 17th 2022, there will be a guest lecture by the speaker: Teguh Cahyono, S. T., M.Sc., with the topic “QRA Studies and Application of Models for Explosion and Dispersion Studies in the Process Industry”.

Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy ITB would like to thank you for your participation and contribution in improving the quality of undergraduate education in Bioenergy  Engineering and Chemurgy FTI ITB.

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