The Student Wins Poster Competition About Prevention of Hoax News

As part of public education, academics should contribute to the existence of untrue news that develops in the community. The contribution can be in the form of distributing posters that educate the public to always be careful in reading or receiving news, including posting on social media which currently has many varieties.

Nadya Shalsabila Salman (Department of Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy Student class 2018) and Ahmad Shodiq Multazim (Civil Engineering student) through their posters have won the Keepin it Real Competition which is a poster competition with the theme “Medical Hoax News vs Medical Real News” organized by Unisba, Bandung . This competition can be participated by Indonesian citizens aged 15-23 years and can consist of individuals or groups with a maximum of 2 participants. The implementation time of this competition is 22 November-5 December for registration and submission of works, 5 – 10 December for judging, and 12 December 2021 for announcement of winners and webinars.

The posters that we created show stories about 2 people who questioned hoaxes or facts about night baths, and tips on how to maintain health by fighting hoaxes. Congratulations to Nadya and Ahmad Shodiq.

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