Dr. Antonius Indarto Enters Top 2% of World Researchers 2021

Ten lecturers of the Istitut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) were listed in the Top 2% Scientist in the World: Single Year Impact 2020-2021 list released by Stanford University and the Elsevier Report. The ranking of the world’s top researchers was carried out by three researchers from Stanford University, namely Prof. John Ioannidis, Jeroen Baas, and Kevin Boyack. The ranking was made through a scientific publication entitled Data for Updated Science-Wide Author Databases of Standardized Citation Indicators.

For information, the ranking of Top 2% Scientist in the World: Single Year Impact 2020-2021 is based on the c-score, which is the number of publication citations that do not include self-citations or non-self-citations. This ranking summarizes data from more than 100,000 of the world’s top researchers who provide standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions, and composite indicators.


Top 2% of World Researchers 2021 from ITB:


  1. Prof. Tommy Firman, Ph.D

Quoted from the SAPPK ITB page, Professor of the Urban Regional Planning Study Program, ITB School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development (SAPPK). Tommy Firman, Ph.D is one of the people with an h-scopus index of 22. This is because the research work of the Habibie Award recipient in the field of engineering is often used as a reference for various international scholars.


  1. Dr. Ferry Iskandar, M.Eng

The teaching staff of the Electronic Materials Physics Expertise Group and researchers from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) ITB are the inventors of the chemical compound phosphorus Boron Carbon Oxynitride (BCNO). Quoted from the LIPI page, this graduate of Kanazawa University (S1-S2) and Hiroshima University (S3) is a researcher who has 16 patents.


  1. Dr. Afriyani Sumboja

This Lecturer of the ITB Materials Science and Engineering Expertise Group is the winner of the LIPI Young Scientist Award 2020. This LIPI award is for researchers under the age of 40 who have a good track record in research. Quoted from the ITB page, the S1 and S3 graduate of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a research focus in the field of energy storage materials, also won the SINTA Top 50 Authors award from the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN and an outstanding lecturer in ITB 2020 research.


  1. Prof. I Gede Wenten, Ph.D

This Professor of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FTI) ITB is a membrane technology expert who holds at least 15 patents for his work. This alumnus of S1 Chemical Engineering ITB is active in membrane technology research in the fields of energy, oil and gas production, reduction of beer production waste, to medical purposes for dialysis. No wonder, Prof. I Gede Wenten, PhD was also awarded the Habibie Awards and the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Award.


  1. Antonius Indarto, Ph.D

This lecturer and researcher from the Chemical Reaction and Catalyst Technology Expertise Group, FTI ITB, is involved in the research field of process simulation and computational chemical engineering, among many other fields. The research work of the Head of the Department of Bionergy Engineering and Chemurgy at FTI ITB has many benefits for the community and breeders, such as the use of calcium fat for the milk production of ruminants.


  1. Prof. Suwarno, M.T.

Professor of the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (STEI) ITB from the Electrical Engineering Expertise Group has a myriad of research dedicated to a better life for people and the earth, such as the development of environmentally friendly high-voltage transformer insulation, to high-voltage polymer insulators for the tropics.


  1. Prof. Heni Rachmawati

This Professor of School of Pharmacy (SF) ITB has a focus on research related to drug delivery systems, nanotechnology-based formulations, protein therapy, and solid formulation and processing. This Bachelor of Pharmacy alumnus of ITB has at least 51 publications in international journals and three patents.


  1. Prof. Pekik Argo Dahono

This STEI ITB professor from the electrical engineering expertise group is the recipient of the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards from the Institution of Engineers Indonesia and the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Association. This ITB S1 alumnus often researches various system developments and applications of renewable energy (renewable energy).


  1. Dr. Achmad Munir, M.Eng

This lecturer and researcher from the STEI ITB telecommunications engineering expertise group has a lot of research that is useful for people throughout Indonesia and is loved by young people and industry. One of the many studies of Dr. Achmad Munir, M.Eng, which is about wireless power charging systems to strengthening bandwidth for remote areas.


  1. Taufiq Hidayat, Ph.D

This lecturer and researcher from the metallurgical engineering expertise group, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM) ITB has various good researches for the future of the earth. One of them is the development of waste-free bauxite processing in industry.


What about you, want to be a top researcher in the world like the ITB lecturer above ?

Quoted from the page : detik.com

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