TB Student Dina Ferdinasari 1st Place LKTIN Methanol 2021

The background of this idea is based on the depleting energy reserves and sources that are not environmentally friendly, the trend of increasingly sophisticated times, so that every human activity always depends on technology. The need for human activities can run because of the help of electrical energy, and other essential energy such as fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to innovate renewable energy that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. To replace fossil raw materials, green hydrogen energy will be made which is environmentally friendly and can be used for electricity generation and replaces the role of fuel. However, in the process of making green hydrogen, electrical energy is needed for the electrolysis stage. Therefore, it is also necessary to have an environmentally friendly electrical energy source that can be available anywhere.
The use of bacillus bacteria convention agents is used for their contractionary motion during the evaporation process, where these bacillus bacteria are stored in a turbine with special treatment and there is a regulation of inertia in it, so that when the evaporation process occurs the bacteria will contract and relax so that it will create kinetic energy that can move the turbine. , where the motion of the turbine will generate electricity for the production of green hydrogen. Why not just use wind energy? because the wind speed cannot be controlled by variables and not every region has the same wind speed, while the evaporation process will occur at any time because it is part of the water cycle, and so does bacillus because it is a type of bacteria that is resistant to extreme temperatures and is easy to breed, so it will be sustainable.

First, we did brainstorming where everyone submitted their own ideas with sub-themes that we had agreed on together, this brainstorming process took quite a long time because we as a team must have one voice and can support each other. After collecting several topics, we submitted them to the supervisor for advice on which topic was better to deepen, our supervisor at that time was Mrs. Elvy. Mrs. Elvy suggested discussing hydrogen energy because the topic is very interesting and is being discussed a lot. Finally, we agreed to your suggestion and thought about how the mechanism was made and what scope we would bring in the paper we were going to make.

Due to the current pandemic situation, we were unable to conduct experiments, so we ended up using the library method or literature study from several journal sources. We reprocess the information from the journal and develop it to create new works. During the process of making this work, of course, hard work and team work are very important. Our team was able to win not because of our good work, but because of our solid teamwork and our efforts that were not half-hearted in the process of making it, even though we are indeed a deadliner team but by helping each other so that the writing of this paper can be completed on time, although collected 5 minutes before closing.

After we were announced to enter the grand final, we asked our supervisor again for input, Mrs. Elvy on things to prepare for the presentation later. Before the presentation, we practice first because we think practice is the key to how we can run smoothly in the competition. In addition to effort, hard work, and cooperation, the most important thing for us to win is prayer and God’s blessing..

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