Story of Sudais (TB Student) Won 1st Place in ASEAN Competition

According to the Ministry of Health (2019), heart disease is one of the highest causes of death in Indonesia. As a result, the government needs to allocate a large amount of funds to overcome this problem. It was stated that in 2014 heart disease cost BPJS Health funds of Rp 4.4 trillion, then increased to 7.4 trillion in 2016, and continued to increase to Rp 9.3 trillion in 2018. Of all the causes of heart disease, consumption of used cooking oil is one of them. Not only heart disease, consumption of used cooking oil can also trigger other diseases such as liver damage and cancer. Not to mention, used cooking oil can also bring other bad effects if it is discharged into the sewer. Seeing this condition, I tried to find out the potential utilization of the existing used cooking oil.

Based on the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network (2019), cooking oil consumption in Indonesia in 2019 was 28.4 million kilo liters. Of the large use, only about 10.6% of it is reused into something of value such as exports, recycled cooking oil, and biodiesel production. In fact, we can use the 28.4 million kilo liters to produce around 5.7 million kilo liters of biodiesel.

By doing a simple calculation based on reference to market prices and production costs from The International Council on Clean Transportation (2018) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (2021), the 5.7 million kilo liters can create a margin of US$1.767 billion. Where if we refer to the minimum wage for DKI Jakarta province—data from the DKI Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2021)—which is 4.4 million rupiah per month, this margin can support around 482 thousand people for one year. Therefore, the use of used cooking oil into biodiesel is expected to improve welfare and reduce the poverty rate of the community while meeting the SDGs target No. 12 related to responsible consumption and as one of our efforts in the clean energy transition to tackle climate change.



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