Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy ITB presents industrial practitioners from PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri during a guest lecture on Bioenergy Plant Design and Chemurgy

Various efforts in order to provide additional knowledge insights to support the teaching and learning process in the Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering Study Program, ITB during the pandemic period were continuously carried out as much as possible. One of them is through an online guest lecture by inviting practitioners from the industry to the Bioenergy and Chemurgy Plant Design lecture (TB4093) this semester.
Through the Zoom platform online, the Guest Lecture on April 23, 2021 yesterday presented Ir. Adri Kristian ST from PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri with the topic of Biogas Plant Design for Oil Palm Plantations. In it, it is discussed in detail about a series of factory design activities from determining products and raw materials to social analysis and also work planning. This regular guest lecture is attended by students and several lecturers and is opened by the Head of the Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy ITB, Dr. Antonius Indarto. It is hoped that with a guest lecture that presents industry practitioners, students will be better prepared to face the world of work and improve the quality of factory designs that are being carried out this semester. The Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering Study Program expressed gratitude for the participation of PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri and Mr. Ir. Adri Kristian ST in enhancing the development of undergraduate education.

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