HMTB Successfully Organizes CIS 2021

After successfully holding the Chemurgy Innovation Summit (CIS) in 2019, the Bioenergy & Chemurgy Engineering Student Association “RINUVA” ITB again held a Chemurgy Innovation Summit in 2021 with the theme “Chemurgy as the Foundation for Indonesian Independence”. The choice of this theme is based on the abundance of Indonesia’s natural wealth, especially its biological resources. Indonesia is a country with the second biodiversity in the world after Brazil. However, this diversity has not been fully utilized by the Indonesian people, as seen from its trade balance, which often imports foreign materials which we can develop ourselves. Therefore, as the young generation of the nation, it is fitting that we devote our energies and thoughts to jointly explore and provide innovations and solutions to be able to maximize the potentials of the Indonesian nation’s natural wealth, especially vegetable / biomass into something of high value so that it can become foundation of the nation’s economic independence. CIS is a national scale event which is held as an event to increase the awareness of students in particular, entrepreneurs and society in general, of the potential sources of Indonesian biomass which can be managed to become a solution for the nation’s independence as well as a place for initiators and the formation of innovations to overcome various problems that exist in the world of Indonesian Chemurgy.

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic situation, this year the entire series of CIS 2021 activities will be carried out online, where a series of events have started since mid-November 2020 by holding a webinar event in the form of CIS X COMPANY which presents 3 main speakers from lecturers and companies and is attended by more of 20 companies throughout Indonesia. Then the CIS X SCHOOL webinar event was held by involving high school students all over Indonesia in early January 2021 with a total of more than 200 participants. The two events were the opening of a series of CIS 2021 events with the aim of introducing the Department of Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering as well as the CIS 2021 event. In addition, CIS also held various competitions for high school students and students including Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI), Poster competition. , Chemurgy Innovation Product, and Chemurgy Challenge. The highlight of the CIS event in the form of a webinar-based talk show has also been successfully held on April 17, 2021 by presenting well-known speakers who are involved in the fields of Bioenergy and Kemurgi such as Dr. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, M.Sc. as Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Dirjen EBTKE), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, then another speaker was Dr. Oki Muraza, who is one of the world’s most influential scientists in the energy sector as well as Senior Vice President for Research Technology and Innovation of PT Pertamina (Persero ). In addition there is Iwan Safrudin, S.Si as the Manager of Research and Development (R&D) of PT Indesso Aroma, a company engaged in essential oil processing, and the last speaker was Dr. Ir. Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja where he was one of the initiators of the formation of the Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering study program and is the Chairperson of the Indonesian Bioenergy Expert Association (IKABI). In addition, there were also Lila Harsyah Bakhtiar, S.T., M.T. who is the Head of the Directorate of Forest Products Industry and Non-Food Plantation, Ministry of Industry as a reviewer of the material presented by the speakers, also attended the Chair of the Department Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy with lecturers at the top event of CIS 2021.

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