Food Engineering and Bioenergy Engineering Department Open a Campus for Research by Final Year Students

Exactly on March 1, 2021, two study programs from the Faculty of Industrial Technology, namely Food Engineering and Bioenergy Engineering and Ministry of Agriculture, have started to open research lab facilities for final year students who will do their final project research. Deputy Dean of Academic FTI, Dr. Yogi Wibisono through decree No. 495 / ITI.C07.4.5 / DA.3 / 2021 and No. 926 / ITI.C07.1 / KM.04 / 2021 has given permission for 17 Food Engineering students and 12 Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering students to entering ITB, Jatinangor Campus, following established procedures.

To support the opening of final level research activities on this campus, the two study programs carried out antigen swab tests to 29 undergraduate students, 5 postgraduate students, lecturers and support staff of the two study programs. The swab tests of around 45 people started from 1pm and were carried out by two health workers from the nearest puskesmas. After the Rapid Antigen test is run, students are given 1 hour to visit each lab location and receive direct direction from the Head of Study Program, lecturers and technicians.

Preparation for admission of a number of students has been started since approximately 2 weeks ago by completing various facilities to support lab activities during the pandemic period. You can see various posters recommending the use of masks at any time, sanitizing fluids at each lab door and also the arrangement of the lab rooms and study desks to maintain distance between students. It is hoped that with the successful opening of the labs of the two study programs, it can be continued with the opening of other lecture activities in stages, especially for the types of lectures that require lab facilities. The second Head of Study Program, Dr. Penia and Dr. Indarto emphasized that research lab activities must be carried out efficiently and without compromise following the SOPs (use of masks, maintaining distance, washing hands and prioritizing work safety) set by the campus.

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