Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy Officially Appoints Prof. Erik Heeres to be a Member of Advisory Board

We proudly announce Prof. H. J. Erik Herres as a member of our advisory board.

Prof. Erik Herres currently leads the development of highly intensified catalytic technology for biomass conversion to biofuels and biobased chemicals at the University of Groningen. The Heeres group (Heeres, Yue, Deuss) is active in the development of novel catalytic chemistry and reactor concepts (among others microreactors, centrifugal contactor separator devices) for catalytic processes with a strong emphasis on the conversion of (lignocellulosic) biomass to energy, biofuels and biobased (performance) chemicals. The group also performs research in the field of heterogeneous catalysis, with emphasis on the synthesis, characterisation and applications of zeolites, mesoporous materials, and mixed oxides. Prof. Erik Heeres’s main research interests concern the development of efficient catalytic technology for acid- and metal-based catalytic biomass conversions, with an emphasis on biofuels (catalytic pyrolysis, pyrolysis oil upgrading) and platform chemicals (levulinic acid, hydroxymethylfurfural).

We believe that Prof. Erik Herres with his track records and expertise in Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgy is capable of driving our newly established study program to become internationally trusted and reputable Academic Institution in the field.

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